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30 September 2017

Asia’s embrace of social enterprises: governments lean in

Philanthropy Impact Magazine, Autumn 2017
Asia is awash with enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship, and Asian governments are demonstrating their faith in it not only with ancillary services but with cold, hard cash.
10 September 2017

Hong Kong’s spirit of charitable giving is strengthened by its history, laws and belief in education.

South China Morning Post
Hong Kong outperforms larger markets in its donations, thanks to vivid memories of past poverty, belief in the life-changing power of education, and faith in the rule of law that many other Asian economies lack, writes Dr Ruth Shapiro in the South China Morning Post.

Doing Good Asia Knowledge Portal

1 October 2017

Philanthropy in India: A Working Paper

Caroline Hartnell (Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace in association with Alliance, WINGS and the Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University)
How do we support and build philanthropy’s role as an agent of social change in a country as vast as India? This paper provides an overview of philanthropy in India, particularly shining a light on new areas and innovation within philanthropy, and the implications of these for its future role. 
17 September 2017

Charity in China, Where Giving Begins on Your Phone

Shen Bin (Sixth Tone)
Across society, online altruism is fast becoming a fun, public, and even competitive mobile phenomenon.