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1 February 2017

Civil Society Briefs

Asian Development Bank
The Asian Development Bank's Civil Society Briefs provide a well-informed snapshot of civil society in Asia. Eight Asian economies covered by the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society are included in this series.
19 April 2015

Japan’s Civil Society from Kobe to Tohoku

Rachel Leng (Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies)
Leng's paper explores the development of Japan’s civil society by focusing on patterns of citizen volunteerism and the role of NGOs in the country’s natural disaster relief and restoration efforts.
1 September 2012

Private Philanthropy in Multiethnic Malaysia

Elizabeth Agee Cogswell (Macalester International)
A perspective on the intricacies and issues of private philanthropy in multiethnic Malaysia.
1 September 2011

Popular Mobilization and Democratization: A Comparative Study of South Korea and Taiwan

Jai Kwan Jung (Korea Observer)
How did civil society grow in Korea and Taiwan? How were their experiences different? Jai Kwan Jung explores.
1 September 1997

The Legacy of the British Administration of Hong Kong: A View from Hong Kong

Ming K. Chan (The China Quarterly)
Ming K. Chan's assessment of the British colonial administration's past deeds in Hong Kong prior Hong Kong's return of sovereignty to China, and how that might have shaped post-1997 developments of Hong Kong.