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9 October 2017

Muhammad Yunus: Doing Good in An Uncertain World

In conversation with Dr Ruth Shapiro at the Commonwealth Club, October 2017
Muhammad Yunus believes that today’s economic system is broken and must be reformed to provide opportunity for all. He discusses his views with Dr Ruth Shapiro, Founder and Chief Executive of the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society.
1 October 2017

Philanthropy in India: A Working Paper

Caroline Hartnell (Philanthropy for Social Justice and Peace in association with Alliance, WINGS and the Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy, Ashoka University)
How do we support and build philanthropy’s role as an agent of social change in a country as vast as India? This paper provides an overview of philanthropy in India, particularly shining a light on new areas and innovation within philanthropy, and the implications of these for its future role. 
17 September 2017

Charity in China, Where Giving Begins on Your Phone

Shen Bin (Sixth Tone)
Across society, online altruism is fast becoming a fun, public, and even competitive mobile phenomenon.
1 September 2017

Building the Bench at Indian NGOs: Investing to Fill the Leadership Development Gap

Pritha Venkatachalam and Danielle Berfond (The Bridgespan Group)
Bridgespan’s latest research looks at the root causes of the leadership development gap in India, and highlights replicable approaches NGOs and funders can take to bridge the gap.
13 August 2017

Dangers to Going It Alone: Social Capital and the Origins of Community Resilience in the Philippines

Greg Bankoff (Continuity and Change)
The whats and why of the evolution of mutual benefit associations and networks in the Philippines.
1 May 2017

Overview of Charity Sector in Singapore: 2007 – 2013 (Philanthropy in Asia: Working Paper No. 3)

Alfred Koh, Swee-Sum Lam, and Weina Zhang (Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship & Philanthropy, National University of Singapore)
This report is your Singapore Charity 101. Learn about the broad trends and basics of the charitable industry in Singapore.
1 February 2017

Civil Society Briefs

Asian Development Bank
The Asian Development Bank's Civil Society Briefs provide a well-informed snapshot of civil society in Asia. Eight Asian economies covered by the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society are included in this series.
1 January 2017

The State of Individual Philanthropy in Pakistan 2016

Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy
Why and for what do Pakistanis give and do good?
1 May 2016

Transparency and Accountability Practice of Vietnamese CSOs (2015 – 2016)

Nguyen Phuong Linh and Le Quang Vinh (Research Center of Management and Sustainable Development)
Capacity and practice of transparency and accountability among Vietnamese Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and recommendations to inculcate transparency and accountability culture among CSOs are exemplified in the latest report from the Research Center of Management and Sustainable Development.
19 April 2015

Japan’s Civil Society from Kobe to Tohoku

Rachel Leng (Electronic Journal of Contemporary Japanese Studies)
Leng's paper explores the development of Japan’s civil society by focusing on patterns of citizen volunteerism and the role of NGOs in the country’s natural disaster relief and restoration efforts.
1 September 2012

Private Philanthropy in Multiethnic Malaysia

Elizabeth Agee Cogswell (Macalester International)
A perspective on the intricacies and issues of private philanthropy in multiethnic Malaysia.
1 September 2012

Building a Partnership for Social Service Delivery in Indonesia: State and Faith‑based Organisations

Minako Sakai (Australian Journal of Social Issues)
Sakai delves into the intricate relationship among faith-based organizations in Indonesia, and that of the government and explicates how these sociopolitical contexts have rendered the formation of partnerships in offering coordinated social services ineffective.
1 September 2011

Popular Mobilization and Democratization: A Comparative Study of South Korea and Taiwan

Jai Kwan Jung (Korea Observer)
How did civil society grow in Korea and Taiwan? How were their experiences different? Jai Kwan Jung explores.
1 September 1997

The Legacy of the British Administration of Hong Kong: A View from Hong Kong

Ming K. Chan (The China Quarterly)
Ming K. Chan's assessment of the British colonial administration's past deeds in Hong Kong prior Hong Kong's return of sovereignty to China, and how that might have shaped post-1997 developments of Hong Kong.