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Excerpts from the Foreword:¬†Education in Indonesia is a large, complex, and diverse system. It is the fourth largest education system in the world, behind only China, India, and the United States, and has more than 50 million students, 2.6 million teachers, and 250,000 schools spread across an archipelago of more than 900 inhabited islands. Teaching all these people, young and old, the skills needed to succeed in Indonesia’s rapidly changing economy is a huge challenge. It is only natural that education is a priority for the Government of Indonesia.

The philanthropic sector engaged in strengthening Indonesia’s education system is extremely broad and includes multilateral institutions (such as USAID and the World Bank), social enterprises (such as Sokola), foundations (such as Tanoto Foundation and Djarum Foundation), education technology developers (such as Ruangguru), and corporate social responsibility programs.

While their engagement is welcome, philanthropists have raised concerns that these individual efforts alone may not be enough to create meaningful change in an education system as vast as Indonesia’s system. More can be achieved if key stakeholders coordinated their actions more closely and shared their experiences more often.

With this in mind, Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) has developed this report. Its goal is to understand the current and future challenges facing Indonesia’s education system, to map existing initiatives and their impact, and to identify new opportunities for philanthropists to make a change for the better and to enhance their collaboration.

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By Asia Philanthropy Circle

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