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Who’s Doing Good?

13 August 2018 - 19 August 2018


United Arab Emirates-based Indian-origin tycoons pledge Rs 12.5 crore for Kerala flood victims. Nearly 200 people have been killed in Kerala since August 8 due to floods caused by rains and landslides. Indian-origin businessmen from the United Arab Emirates have sworn to do their bit by donating money. Born in Kerala, Yusuff Ali M.A., chairman and managing director of Lulu Group, has announced a Rs 5 crore (approximately US$717,600) donation. K.P. Hussain, chairman of Fathima Healthcare Group, has donated the same amount. Additionally, Hussain said that his group has coordinated with the state’s health secretary to send volunteers from its medical faculty.


Malays have done well, but more can volunteer, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. In his speech at the National Day Rally, Prime Minister Lee said that while Malays in Singapore have taken great strides to build a strong culture of self-reliance and cooperation, more can step forward to volunteer with community groups. He added that by volunteering more, Malays can make more progress in tackling challenges faced by the community, including getting more children to attend pre-school, empowering and mentoring youth, and supporting those left behind because of drugs or social problems.

Cost is a concern for seniors who want to “age in place.” The Lien Foundation’s study found that the elderly in Singapore are “aging in place” with home and center-based care services rather than nursing homes. However, these services are far more expensive with costs going up to SG$3,100 (approximately US$2,260) to look after a disabled senior at home, as opposed to the median full cost of SG$2,400 (approximately US$1,749) for looking after the same person in a nursing home. The study also found that the demand for center-based services has exceeded its capacity with the Ministry of Health spending close to SG$800 million (approximately US$583 million) on long-term care in 2016


China’s Red Cross donates mobile clinics and ambulances to Syria. The Red Cross Society of China donated two bus-turned mobile medical clinics and two ambulances to Syria’s Arab Red Crescent. Wang Qinglei, the representative of Beiqi Foton Motor, the company that took part in the funding of the donation under China’s Red Cross, said the mobile clinics are equipped with X-ray machines, ultrasound scanner, defibrillator, distance diagnosis, and treatment system. The donation by Beiqi Foto Motor is estimated at 6 million yuan (approximately US$900,000). Following the delivery of the donated clinics and ambulances, Chinese engineers and technicians also trained their Syrian counterparts to operate the equipment and do the maintenance work.


Five impressive CSR initiatives for Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations. As a way of celebrating the country’s Independence Day on August 14, various companies have hosted CSR projects and initiatives. Ranging from paper shopping bags embedded with seeds that can be planted after use by customers to promoting diversity across the country, the article features five innovative cases of CSR projects and initiatives.


Indian startup digs into data to make small farms smarter and says transparency can solve mismatch of poor growers and starving people. MyCrop Technologies has produced a mobile application that it says can help raise agricultural productivity in Asia and beyond, benefiting both farmers and consumers. The application uses big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide insights on how to increase yields, the best crops for a given type of soil, and the timing on when to grow them. The service is free for farmers to use, as MyCrop charges a fee to fertilizer companies and financial institutions for the data that it accumulates and shares and as it also receives a significant amount of government funding.


Samsung Electronics employees volunteer to support overseas startups. Since 2010, Samsung Electronics has been assisting startups in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and South Africa with pricing strategy, market research, and planning. On August 13, the Korean conglomerate conducted intensive training for its startup accelerating program with the International Information Technology Graduate School in Bangalore, India, as part of its volunteer service work. The company mentored around 20 new venture startups over the last two months.


Jackie Chan criticized online for giving 50,000 copies of his autobiography to disability charity. The Chinese public has been questioning Hong Kong martial arts celebrity Jackie Chan’s donation of 50,000 copies of his autobiography to the China Disabled Persons’ Federation. One Weibo user commented, “If you were disabled and still rose to fame, I’d acknowledge that; but stuff like this where you’re bragging about yourself, how is this related to people with disabilities? Shameful!” According to the announcement of the donation made by the Beijing-based charity, Chan hopes “the stories and life experience in the book can bring pleasure and inspiration to people with disabilities.”