We focus on 16 economies throughout Asia and recognize that each has its unique set of strengths, challenges, and needs. In collaboration with our partners across Asia, we carry out both in-depth and comparative studies. All of our work is grounded in evidence-based research and meticulously collected data.

Featured Research

6 February 2018

Pragmatic Philanthropy: Asian Charity Explained

Palgrave Macmillan, January 2018
This cutting-edge text considers how Asian philanthropists and charitable organizations break with Western philanthropic traditions and examines the key traits and trends that make social investment in Asia unique.
13 September 2018

Giving Back to the Future

Scholarships for Higher Education
While giving scholarships is highly popular among Asian philanthropists, there has been little, if any, attempt to measure impact and learn its best practices. The study serves as a crucial step towards filling this gap for philanthropists, foundations, and universities in Asia and worldwide.