Poverty Alleviation
CAPS conducts policy and applied research.

In collaboration with our research partners and local experts, CAPS has been conducting a landmark study to understand best practices specific to 30 excellent social delivery organizations (SDOs)—non-profits and social enterprises—across 11 Asian economies.

Education Case Studies
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Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Education (Philippines)
Pamulaan Pathways to Education
Pamulaan Center for Indigenous Peoples’ Education: Leading the Way
In piloting an education model that is sensitive to the experiences of young indigenous peoples in the Philippines, Pamulaan has shown the way for government to scale up.

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By Ramon Magsaysay Transformative Leadership Institute
BN Vocational School (China)
Shapiro Trading Up
BN Vocational School: Giving China’s marginalized youth a shot at success
By providing free-of-charge vocational education to the disenfranchised children of migrant workers and ethnic minorities, BN Vocational School (BNVS) has helped to improve their career prospects — and meet the growing need for well-trained and confident workers in China’s burgeoning services sector.
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By Colum Murphy, for the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society, with Ji Chen, for the Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute
Academy of Sharing (Indonesia)
Shapiro Online and Offline
Academy of Sharing: Using Social Media to Build a Social Movement
Users of Twitter and other social media platforms connect with each other to build an Indonesian foundation committed to sharing, learning, and bridging gaps between the classroom and the professional world.

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By Dian Rosdiana and Frieda Subrata, CCPHI
Magic Bus (India)
Shapiro Changing the Game
Magic Bus: Giving Young People a Sporting Chance in Life
With thousands of volunteer mentors across India and a unique organizational model designed to help maximize its impact, Magic Bus uses sports and other activities to help children and teenagers live, learn and grow well.

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By Alisha Sett, Dasra
SRAM (Malaysia)
SRAM Spotlight on Squash
SRAM: Growing a Game
From humble beginnings, the Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) popularized a little known club-based sport played by a few enthusiasts and put a nation on the world sporting map with a series of international champions.

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By Jamali Samsuddin, myHarapan
World Without Worries about Shadow Education (Korea)
No Shadow, No Worry
WWWSE: Helping a Nation Rethink its Approach to Education
A fervor for education paid big post-war dividends for the Republic of Korea, but also spawned a private market that undermines public education and gave rise to the World Without Worries about Shadow Education campaign to increase knowledge and decrease anxiety among students.

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By Kwangcheol Shin, Han Na Leem, Hyoin Lim, Lotte Strategy & Insight Center
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