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  • 調查:每份獎學金可助26人

    Singtao Daily
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  • 有機構研究獎學金影響力 發現1份獎學金可助26人

    Hong Kong 01
    亞洲公共福利研究中心(CAPS)週四發布了關於獎學金及其影響的報告. 研究並發現,獎學金更有助學生建立自信及促進個人成長
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  • Scholarship programmes could boost overall development

    Radio Television Hong Kong
    A study by the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society found that a single scholarship can, on average, enhance 26 lives, including the individual's family, friends, and people in the community. Priscilla Ng asked the center's director of research, Mehvesh Ahmed, how she conducted the study.
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  • 研究指香港慈善事业整体向好发展

    Hong Kong China News Agency
    亞洲公益事業研究中心(Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society)主席陳啓宗先生,聯同中心行政總裁夏露萍博士於本月13日向超過100名中外人士解讀《好公益指數》(Doing Good Index)的研究結果,並特別分析香港慈善界別的規章條例、稅收及財政政策、生態系統和資源獲取四個方面的情況。中心主席陳啟宗指出,香港民眾普遍慷慨,對社會慈善組織缺乏信任,成為影響個人向慈善機構捐贈的首要因素。行政總裁夏露萍博士則指出,目前香港慈善界別發展存在問題主要包括,香港慈善組織尚未制定完善的註冊及監管計劃、特區政府對慈善捐贈的稅收減免力度仍有待提升、及特區政府還需更多
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  • Hong Kong lags Singapore in facilitating philanthropy

    Asian Private Banker
    While Hong Kong has been "doing good" in philanthropy, its Asian counterpart, Singapore has surpassed it by offering better tax incentives and efficient methods in setting up charities. Ruth Shapiro and Ronnie Chan address the lag in Hong Kong.
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  • Indian cos’ compliance of CSR mandate improves with passing year: Report

    The Free Press Journal
    The Doing Good Index highlights the effects of the law on Indian philanthropy. Ruth Shapiro shares her views on ways to make the mandatory CSR law in India more effective.
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  • India ‘Doing Okay’ in philanthropy

    The Hindu
    India has been 'doing good' in philanthropy, while Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam are ‘doing better’: according to CAPS Doing Good Index 2018.
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  • Asian governments and private investors have more to do to “Do Good”

    The Asian Banker
    Ruth Shapiro, founder and chief executive of Hong Kong-based Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society discusses the development of philanthropy in Asia and how the creation of the Doing Good Index will help it grow in the region.
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  • 아시아 15개국 기부 여건 들여다봤더니

    아름다운재단에서 열린 DGI 결과 소개 차 한국을 찾은 루스 샤피로
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  • Doing good can do even better

    The Economic Times
    Despite four years of the CSR legislation, philanthropy in India is still very much moving up the learning curve. Ratan Tata and Ruth Shapiro discuss the effects of the CSR legislation and the Doing Good Index 2018.
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