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18 September 2020

A Nonprofit’s Guide to the Social Stock Exchange

Roopa Kudva (India Development Review)
A committee constituted by the Securities and Exchange Board of India on the creation of a social stock exchange (SSE) has submitted its recommendations, and now the government will decide which ones to implement.
8 September 2020

Harnessing the philanthropy and finance sectors for social good

Qing Gu (Alliance Magazine)
This op-ed highlights that most Chinese foundations are not grantmaking organizations, but operating foundations or hybrids.
16 June 2020

Fixing the trust deficit in our sector

Rachita Vora (India Development Review)
This article discusses the unique opportunity that Covid-19 presents for civil society in India to rebrand itself.
23 April 2020

What do nonprofits think of CSR?

Anushree Parekh, Priyaka Dhingra & Ragini Menon (India Development Review)
This article highlights the trends and challenges that Indian nonprofits face in accessing corporate social responsibility (CSR) funds.
19 April 2020

Social Innovation and Social Transition in East Asia

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) & Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
This collection of articles examines the varying ways in which social innovation has evolved in China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan.
18 April 2020

Philanthropy and Islam

Mohamed Amersi & Ayatollah Fazel Milani (Philanthropy Impact Magazine)
This article analyzes the significance of charity in Islam.
18 April 2020

Aid barriers and the rise of philanthropic protectionism

Douglas Rutzen (International Journal of Not-for-Profit Law)
This article discusses the restrictions imposed by many countries on civil society organizations that impede them from receiving foreign funding.
18 April 2020

Building a Partnership for Social Service Delivery in Indonesia: State and Faith‑based Organisations

Minako Sakai (The Australian Journal of Social Issues)
This paper explores the relationship between Indonesia’s government and religious and faith-based organizations (FBOs).
18 April 2020

Corporate Responsibility in the Age of the SDGs: Role of the Keidanren Charter in the Evolution of CSR in Japan

The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research
This article provides an overview of the evolution of the Keidanren Charter of Corporate Behavior and how it has helped promote good citizenship among the Japanese business community.
18 April 2020

Dangers to Going It Alone: Social Capital and the Origins of Community Resilience in the Philippines

Greg Bankoff (Continuity and Change, Cambridge University Press)
This paper explores the evolution of mutual benefit associations and networks in the Philippines.
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