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16 June 2020

Survey Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Malaysia

Yayasan Hasanah
This presentation, based on a survey of 199 civil society organizations (CSOs) in Malaysia, analyzes the impact that Covid-19 has had on them.
29 April 2020

Business for Good goes digital!

Maximizing the Value of Social Enterprises in Asia
Interact with our report through the Business for Good microsite.
21 April 2020

Muhammad Yunus & Ruth Shapiro: Doing Good in an Uncertain World

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus discusses the transformative power of social businesses in helping people escape poverty and fix, what he believes is a 'broken economic system'. This discussion was moderated by CAPS’ Founder and Chief Executive, Ruth Shapiro.
14 June 2018

Dr. Ruth Shapiro: Is Asia Philanthropic?

Hosted by the Commonwealth Club of California in association with Asia Society Northern California
Based on the findings of the book "Pragmatic Philanthropy: Asian Charity Explained," Dr. Shapiro examines why and how Asia's philanthropists are giving. Watch the video for complete coverage of the speaking event.
27 April 2016

Interview with Ratan Tata

Dr. Shapiro of CAPS interviews Ratan Tata about the Tata Trusts' philanthropy in India.
From how the Tatas began their philanthropic work to his thoughts on the CSR legislation in India, Ratan Tata shares with us his invaluable insights about doing good.
4 April 2015

Ruth Shapiro at the Growth Net 3.0 Annual Meet 2015

Dr. Shapiro of CAPS shares her views with Govindraj Ethiraj of Boom Live at the Ananta Centre's Growth Net 3.0 Annual Meet 2015
Govindraj Ethiraj, Boom Live, in conversation with Ruth Shapiro, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society, Hong Kong. Dr. Shapiro talks about social entrepreneurs and the need for implementation of business strategies.